Festival Checklist!

February 16 2020 – Christopher Coughlin

Festival Checklist!
Festival Checklist!

First time festival goer or just forgetful when it comes to packing like I am? Don’t worry I got you covered with a checklist of items to bring before you head out to all the fun. Down belows are the essentials and an optional list for all the extras items.

Checklist of things to bring into the festival:

1. Hydration Pack
I highly recommend getting one to stay hydrated. It’s so convenient to have so you don’t have to sacrifice your spot to revive yourself later with water. Be aware of pickpocketers they are notorious for stealing from packs and pockets without you knowing!

Some hydration pack brands are:
Vibedration Sojourner Bags GenZ   

2. Fanny Pack
If you don’t want to bring a hydration pack because you think it’s too big a fanny pack is much smaller and can be more convenient. Place it in front of you so you can keep an eye on your phone and other valuables in it.

Some fanny pack brands are:
Vibedration Sojourner Bags

3. ID/ Ticket
Silly to add on the list but people (me included) have forgotten this when switching items to their festival bag.

4 Cash/Card
For me personally I leave my debit/credit cards at home. There’s a higher chance of it getting lost or stolen and I find myself feeling more safe leaving it at home.

5. Earplugs
Protect your ears!!! This is highly ignored but very crucial. These ear plugs protect your ear drums without muting or changing the quality of sound. The med tents might also have some if you don’t have any or forgot them.

Some ear plug brands are:
Earasers Eargasm  

6. Bandanas/ Face Masks
Protect yourself from dust and nasty smells with some stylish festi gear.

Some bandanas/ face masks brands are:
Liquid Dreams  IHeartRaves Freedom Rave Wear

7. Outerwear
Check the weather! If it’s cold bring a jacket or some long socks don’t underestimate the weather.

8. Good Vibes/Energy
Feeling a bit tired or blue? Take a power nap or take a moment to breathe in the good and out the bad before you head out to your adventure ahead!

Optional/ Extras
- bandaids
If you need some med tents will have them.

- lash glue

- wipes
Toilet paper runs out fast.

- fans
I’ve gone to many winter raves and festivals where I needed a fan to cool me down.
Fan brand: Liquid Dreams 

- vicks
Helps block unpleasant smells in the crowd. Some also use this to wake themselves up.

-rave glasses
These guys add an extra twist to the beautiful visuals prepared.

- sunglasses
Sometimes the sun can be glaring so these are nice to have around.

Before you leave for the festival make sure to:

Double check the list of prohibited items so you don’t risk having something taken away.
Leave all valuables at home.
Make sure your phone is charged.
Eat and get a good night's rest prior or a good nap in!

And now you’re all set and ready to rumble! Have fun and stop by our Kritter Klips/ Liquid Dreams booth if you spot us at any festivals!

By Koretha

(cover photo: @elisealexanderart )