How To Leave A Festival in One Piece

March 12 2020 – Christopher Coughlin

How To Leave A Festival in One Piece
How To Leave A Festival in One Piece

You know that feeling you get when you leave a festival and think, “wow, I’m lucky to be alive”? Often, we leave festivals sick, in shambles, and missing half the things we arrived with. Kritters, it doesn’t always have to be this way. As we get older, we sadly learn that those things become less and less acceptable. Learn to be proactive about your health and keeping your valuables safe, and you’ll start to bounce back much quicker!

Many have learned this the hard way, but do not keep your cell phone or wallet in your backpack or back pocket. Choose a fanny pack instead, that way you can keep your most valuable items closer to you. Even if you like to use a backpack (I always bring mine), consider wearing a slim fanny pack that can only fit valuables. If you have to put it in your backpack, look for an inside pocket that would be difficult for a stranger to get to. Nothing ruins your festival weekend like losing a cell phone. Going without a cell phone for the weekend can even become dangerous. Unfortunately, even the places that feel most like home will have people out to get you. The best we can do is outsmart them by protecting ourselves.

If you’re camping, try to stay on top of keeping your belongings organized. When you lose track of your stuff, that’s how you either 1) get frustrated trying to find it or 2) accidentally leave it behind. Try to put everything back where it came from when you’re doing using it, you’ll thank yourself many times throughout the weekend. When it’s time to leave, you’ll hopefully have everything you arrived with.

Even more important than protecting your belongings, protect your body. A weekend of partying can dehydrate you quicker than you’d suspect. Drink water every opportunity you have. If you find it difficult to drink a lot of water, try adding a flavor enhancer to your water bottle. Hydration won’t just keep you healthy, but it will make you feel ten times better too. Some festival goers opt for drinking coconut water, which hydrates you like regular water and also gives your body potassium. So, you don’t have to chug a water bottle every hour on the dot, just make sure you’re always mindful about your hydration however you choose to do so. We know frequent trips to the porta potty aren’t fun, but your health is more important.

Speaking of protecting your body, things like sunscreen and earplugs are crucial. I usually hook my earplug holder onto the outside of my backpack. This way I can conveniently store them when I’m not using them, which makes me more likely to use them in the first place. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, especially if you’re camping at a festival in the middle of the summer. 

One of the most overlooked things your body needs is sleep. Even if I put myself to bed relatively early, I find it nearly impossible to get even a decent night’s sleep. This mainly applies to camping festivals, where your neighbors simply refuse to stop playing music and the sun decides to come up as soon as you close your eyes. Something I started doing that helps is wearing my earplugs and an eye mask to go to bed. My friends can make fun of me and call me a grandma all they want, but I hate the way I feel the next day after I don’t sleep. Blocking out visual and auditory distractions while laying down for bed makes a huge difference. If I’m really having trouble, I’ll take a melatonin supplement to aid with sleep. Although use melatonin with caution, as some claim it makes them groggy the next day. If you just can’t get a good night’s sleep, afternoon naps in the shade help too!

Let’s be real, no matter how hard you try, you’ll still never be able to leave a festival in one piece. However, things can definitely get better if you make a conscious effort to change them. Look out for your personal health and safety first, the wellbeing of others seconds, and your valuables and belongings last. With time and experience, you’ll naturally learn how to better survive festivals. For now, take this advice as a step in a positive direction!