Is Liquid Dreams An Art Collective?

September 18 2019 – quinn roncarati

Is Liquid Dreams An Art Collective?
Is Liquid Dreams An Art Collective?


No. The answer is no. 

Alight, I guess I could expand upon that a little bit. 

So, to put it simply, an art collective is usually a group of artists under their own management or maybe working in conjunction with a brand or company, in which they all bring their unique flavor to the mix. This usually results in many different mediums being used and a wide variety of ideas and styles being expressed visually. 

Liquid Dreams, however, is not that. While I love and respect the hell out of art collectives, that is simply not what we are. As an art director, my job's to make sure everything fits together and looks like it all belongs in the same portfolio. Or more accurately, I choose to do so. Achieving a brand cohesion through imagery is something I work hard at because I honestly believe It makes us stand out strong in this modern artistic landscape. 

There are plenty of current companies making festival clothing or EDM clothing or Yoga gear, or whatever the hell you want to call it, but most of them are sourcing many different artists and styles. Some modern brands just make cheap EDC clothes, while others focus on mostly yoga wear for women and few are only about EDM Festival wear, but we personally want to have all bases covered while keeping an art style that can be recognized from across the dancefloor. At the end of the day, whether you buy an art tapestry, a purple bandana with wolfs on it or a pair of women's leggings for hot yoga, we just want a brand identity that stands alone. 

This is just the path that we’re on. There are no wrong answers when art’s involved! 

I hope this clarifies things a bit for those wondering.