January 24 2020 – Christopher Coughlin


With festival ticket sales and line up starting to come out for this years festival season its time to make your list of event to plan for the year! Which can be difficult deciding when there are literally one to two major events happening every month. One you should not let pass you by this year is Desert Hearts music festival! 2019 was my first experience at Desert Hearts and definitely wont be my last. Here I’m going to tell you some reasons why you shouldn’t pass on going but first….

 Who is Desert Hearts?

Deserts Hearts main core consists of 4 vibrant characters from San Diego. The DJ group is composed of an ex BMX biker Lee Renalds, creative leader Marbs, Porkchop now know as ‘Porky’, and the one and only Mikey Lion! And in the past 5 years they all have helped desert hearts come from a 200-person renegade to force to be reckoned with! Part boutique festival, part record label, and part globe trotting party army, this crew of DJ’s have created a vibe focused force based on House, Techno, & Love.


(source: @deserthearts )

The Vibe & Family like Community

Desert Hearts main motto is ‘One stage, One Vibe, One Love’. This pertains to the ONE stage they have for you to dance at all weekend! No need to worry about finding your friends or missing a set because you’ll know exactly where everyone will be. DH takes this motto very seriously; they have a strict no renegade policy because they want to keep this vibe alive. Former attendees will agree that it does create a great experience and a chance for you to be one with all your fellow friends. No matter new friends, old friends, or strangers you really do feel like a family!


(source: Dan Peterson @musicfestivalcentral_ )

The Art and Freedom of Expression

The amount of art at Desert Hearts is absolutely stunning! Live painters to interactive art sculptures to fire dancers, there isn’t a place you’d look that didn’t have something going on. Literally walking around desert hearts is like being in a dream, Glitter and colors everywhere.

(source: @deserthearts )

Desert Hearts also won Best Boutique Festival so don’t forget to bring some extra spending money to shop at all the unique Venders. They even run a yearly fashion show located at the main stage and anyone is allowed to strut their stuff on the runway!


Music, literally all weekend long

I’m not kidding with this one. From the second the clock strikes 12 on Friday afternoon to noon Monday morning the music goes 24/7! The lineup is stake with some of the hottest names in the Tech/House industry. Last years bill featured Cut Snake, D!NK, DJ. T, Lubelski, Will Clark, Desert Hearts Crew, and many more. This years lineup has not been released yet but it’s sure to be even better!


(source: Peter Speyer @speyerphoto )

There is Nothing Out there Like Desert Hearts!

There really isn’t anything out there like the community DH has built, and if you’ve attended you can attests. It will be an amazing transformative festival that you will never forget. Leaving with a ton of new connections and so much love in your heart. This year Desert Hearts Festival will return to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation on April 23rdto the 27th. This event is 21+ event and has a STRIKE “pack in, pack out” policy, which means whatever you brought in leave with it. Absolutely NO trash should be left behind.

Well this has been a small glimpse into what Deserts Hearts has to offer and no words can really describe the beauty and community it attracts. You just have to see for yourself. See you out on the dance floor!


- By Evette Guest

 ( cover photo source: Eric Allen @ericallenphoto )