Sacred Geometry Symbols and Meanings

February 01 2020 – Christopher Coughlin

Sacred Geometry Symbols and Meanings
Sacred Geometry Symbols and Meanings

Have you ever wondered what those geometric patterns that decorate your favorite festival outfits or jewelry, or the symbols Dr. Strange uses in the Marvel comics and movies were. It’s known as Sacred Geometry, an idea that nature and all its mathematical principles are based on geometric shapes. What are they though and what’s their meaning? Were gonna break down a couple of the most popular symbols and their meanings so you can understand the significance and pick out your favorites.

The Flower of Life:


Known as the beginning, or the creation of all matter. The shape of a circle is associated with divinity, or the higher power. As the circle is repeated you can draw several other geometric shapes from the flower of life, such as a square, a triangle, hexagon, and more. Plato spoke of 5 Perfect Solids, the hedrons (tetrahedron, Icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron) and the cube. You can find all these within the flower of life by combining the center of each sphere in different ways.

Metatron Cube:

The body, the mind, the spirit or also known as the will, the manifestation, and the divinity. Named after the archangel Metatron (from Jewish traditions) who was seen as in charge of all creation. Thirteen circles appear of the same size, extending lines from the center of every circle to the center of the other twelve circles. It is sometimes referred to as the fruit of life. This symbol is for the balancing of energies, representing the harmony and balance within nature.

Sri Yantra:

The equilibrium and creation of the universe. Four upright triangles are a representation of Shiva, the five downward are a representation of Shakti, the male and female embodiments. Fourty-three smaller triangles intersected by nine major ones are the “Cosmic Uterus”, the universe. This symbol represents coexistence of male and female, evil and good, duality, black and white.

64-Star Tetrahedron:

This symbol holds the geometry of the vacuum of all matter. Also known as the “vehicle of light” this symbol is made of two tetrahedrons, one facing down the other up, interconnected through their planes. A complete equilibrium that all life is based and all creation is based on. 64 is the smallest number with exactly seven divisors, 64 codons in a humans DNA, 64 places on a chess or checker board. If you were to place a circle around each of the tetrahedrons in the star tetrahedrons grid you obtain a 2D Flower of life.

I hope this gathering of information helps you understand the strange geometry in the life all around and helps you pick out your favorites for you to wear from your favorite small business companies to your next festival.

-By Liz Colston