Winter Rave Tips and Tricks

January 30 2020 – Christopher Coughlin

Winter Rave Tips and Tricks
Winter Rave Tips and Tricks

I can’t be the only one who struggles with how to keep warm in rave clothes. More specifically, at indoor shows during the winter, because if I’m outdoors, onesies and giant fur coats make things too easy. (Although if giant coats are what you’re looking for Goodwill is the place to go.)

 The real struggle for me are the events where you’re worried about freezing on the way there, but sweating to death once inside. After years of choosing the freezing myself to death route, I finally found some solutions that can help me stay warm, but not too hot and are super easy and cute.

My favorite discovery is: pashminas are magic. For some of you this may be an obvious one, but for those of you that don't have one, or maybe don't know what they are, they are a year round festival/rave necessity. Pashminas are embroidered scarves that come in all sorts of color combinations and look great with every outfit. On top of this they are insanely comfortable and can be worn around your neck where you barely notice they’re there, or over your head for warmth. For me pashminas are my security blanket. You can get these anywhere from festivals, street fairs, local shops, Etsy, or I’ve also found quite a few from Goodwill for $4.

( source: @ragenationapparel )

Secondly, I’ve been following an important rule I made for myself this winter– I either wear long pants or a long shirt. Dealing with cold legs or arms is a lot easier than both. And there are also SO many different types of cute pants to wear to raves. To start off with there’s a ton of variation in leggings like mesh, lace up, fishnet or trippy patterned ones. If you find a pair of old leggings, or get some from Goodwill and look up “how to braid leggings,” or stay tuned for my next blog on how to make these, I guarantee you’ll have some cool results. Liquid Dreams also has some amazing and unique psychedelic leggings that will most definitely keep you warm. Joggers also come in all sorts of cool colors and reflective materials. If pants still aren’t your thing I at least suggest fishnets, or some type of garters or thigh high socks. 

( source: @slit_weave & @liquiddreamsart )

If you decide to take the long shirt route, I’ve been into the shirt under a shirt look a lot lately. I’ve been able to start re wearing a lot of my old, baggy, not particularly cute long sleeves by tossing on a cute, trippy, tie die or artist merch shirt over. This also works with any long sleeve rave shirt too.

Cropped hoodies are one of my new favorites, because inside it is way too hot for an actual jacket or hoodie, and this way it’s easier to show off your outfit underneath. They come in tons of different colors, with patterns on the arms and some with chains hanging off the front. I’ve seen a ton of DIY cropped hoodie videos on YouTube too if you have any old ones you wouldn't mind repurposing.

Hats are also a good call, and easy to hold or toss in a bag if you start getting too hot. Beanies and snapbacks are both perfect and you can decorate and personalize them with pins and, or Kritter Klips.

My last tip is: the crazier the accessories, the less effort you have to put into your outfit. My most used examples of this are platforms, and Kritter Klips. If I wear bright, fuzzy kitty ears and extra enough shoes I can still feel cute even in a baggy T-shirt and fishnets. 

- By Leah Bell