Are You Guys Crazy High When You Design This Stuff?

September 26 2019 – quinn roncarati

Are You Guys Crazy High When You Design This Stuff?
Are You Guys Crazy High When You Design This Stuff?

A question I got asked at EDC Las Vegas last year while selling our art was “Are you guys like... super high when you design this stuff” and it wasn't the first time so I think that deserves an honest answer.  

The short and simple answer is no. While my history with psychedelics goes back to 9th grade and the select few artists that have worked under my creative direction are all psychonauts, we generally are not high while doing or even planning these artistic endeavors. In fact, most of our office happens to be basically sober and I myself am what I like to call Soberdelic, meaning that I literally don’t do anything other than occasional clean psychedelics if the moment feels right. 

I know at first this may sound a little disappointing to some of our face-melting enthusiasts, but I assure you, the truth is always better. 

So what is the truth about our creative process? And are mind-altering substances involved? 

To a degree yes. Though the use of psychedelics over the course of a lifetime I’ve been able to channel or go into a flow state during the art process and things truly seem to well out from my subconscious and on to the canvas. Does one need a history with psychedelics to achieve this? No. But this isn't about those people. 

In truth, I would find it more difficult to designs a pair of yoga legging or a wall tapestry on a computer if I was high. Remember the last time you tried to use your phone while peaking? 

While I plan to write another article about channeling and how that’s affected my life and art, for now, I will just say that I don’t need any help from outside substances at this stage in my development to help me create. 

I hope this has cleared things up a bit and If you love our art, sober or otherwise, sign up to our newsletter.