Your Rave Fashion Guide!

January 12 2020 – Christopher Coughlin

Your Rave Fashion Guide!
Your Rave Fashion Guide!

Your calendar is marked, tickets purchased but now its time for the hardest part! OUTFITS! If it’s you first rave it can be stressful picking something out to wear that is not only cute but also functional. Here is a list of things you’ll want to have to feel complete when it’s RAVE DAY!!!




- Face mask/ bandanas

-Breathable light clothing (for summer/indoor raves)

-Comfortable shoes

-Hydration pack

  1. Kandi

Kandi is going to be your #1 accessory to have. Get together with you rave family and create unique colorful kandi so you can partake in spreading PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect) at the event. Its fun to customize them to your personality, you can even add perlers with the event name or your favorite DJ’s logo.

  1. Accessories

            For hair girls love to get braids. They don’t just look cute they help with holding your hair out of your face all weekend! You can add rings, glitter, flowers, or kitty ears to spice them up! If braids aren’t your things, you can always wear a hat, wig, or bandana.

             Simple outfit can be enhanced with harnesses or chains belts to create a more edgy look.

            Don’t forget your glitter and face jewels. This is a super simple way to be expressive and shine bright like a diamond.

  1. Face Mask/ Bandanas

            Protect your lungs from dust or debris that may be blowing in the wind or kicked up by everyone killing it on the dance floor. Doing so you’ll avoid getting a horrible cough that could last weeks!

 There is a wide range of cool design and UV colored bandanas/face masks to choose from that will go with your outfits.

  1. Breathable Light Clothes

            The key to a comfortable rave experience is your wardrobe. You want your outfit to be not just cute but also durable and lightweight to withstand hours of dancing.

            Rave wear can range from pasties & booty shorts to long sleeve body suits, but we all know the struggle of wanting to be unique. You can’t go wrong with UV colors or hand drawn designs. Also ways to lessen the chance someone is wearing the same outfit is to buy from small business designers.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

            You will be on your feet for about 8 hours walking and dancing so be sure to pick comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes will be you most comfy option but we all love a good platform. SOOOO if you choose the platform route be sure to wear them out and break them in first. The last thing you want is to be only 2 hours in and be in pain! Trust me I’ve done it, not fun.

  1. Hydration Pack

Now this is going to be your MUST have! Bringing a hydration pack will save you from dehydration! If you don’t have one, bring a reusable water bottle and something to carry it in. Trust me you do not want to go to a rave without something to carry water in. You’ll end up waiting in a 30-minute line to buy a 10-dollar water bottle over and over again.

            Now that you have a sense of your top things to consider you should have no problem packing! Just be sure to remember to try and put your comfort first and always check the weather! Raves are a place of self-expression so just have fun with it! Happy raving <3