How to Fly To A Camping Festival ( The Easy and Fun Way!)

January 24 2020 – Afterpay US Collaborator

How to Fly To A Camping Festival ( The Easy and Fun Way!)
How to Fly To A Camping Festival ( The Easy and Fun Way!)

With festival season approaching, we may find that our excitement can become a little too much to contain. Even when you think you have every detail of your trip down to a science, there’s always the potential for error out of your control. Something that always makes me go a little crazy is packing, especially for a camping festival. Plus, traveling by plane rather than by car makes matters even worse… Or that’s what I used to think! It’s actually pretty easy to fly to a camping festival free of stress.. You’ll totally agree with us if you follow this simple guide.

The first and most important step to make this all unfold is to plan. Yes, even if you’re the most unorganized, scatterbrained Kritter like I am, ditch your past preconceptions about planning. It’s essential to plan in order to have a good weekend. When flying, your main focus is probably going to be packing light. That means you can’t show up with your entire wardrobe stuffed into the trunk of your car. When considering all the time you’ll spend on foot before you get to your campsite, we’d recommend bringing a large backpack or a small duffle bag. Take the festival day by day, check the weather, and pack your whole outfit for each day. You may even want to consider rolling your clothes up and stuffing them into separate quart sized bags for each day. This will help you stay organized, save space, and lower the potential for losing your precious rave gear.

It is essential to bring outerwear, even if you’re camping in the middle of the summer. When traveling to a new place, you’re going to be completely unfamiliar with the climate. The last thing you want to do is be freezing! If you can’t fit your outerwear in your bag, wear it on the plane. You’ll probably have to wear that same pair of sweatpants and hoodie all weekend, but isn’t that the beauty of outerwear? This way, it’s pretty simple to pack for the cold without sacrificing space in your bag.

As difficult as this may sound… don’t bring your entire makeup collection. Chances are, a friend or a generous neighbor will practically be begging for you to borrow their brand new, sparkly festival palette. If you’ve been to a camping festival before, you can’t even recall the amount of times someone has been dying to cover you in glitter. It’s your turn to accept the offers. Plus, if you don’t have a vehicle to lock your bag in, you unfortunately risk someone stealing your expensive makeup. The space in your tiny bag is precious, save it for survival essentials like your refillable water bottle and your vitamins.

Get your camping gear upon arrival! If you’re lucky, you’ll have a friend with a car who can provide you with a tent/air mattress, or have you stay in theirs. If not, buy cheap camping gear when you arrive and donate them on your way out (many festivals have a donation site for camping gear you’d rather leave behind). This way, you won’t feel bad about wasting money knowing someone less fortunate is enjoying your tent. Don’t forget, you can fly with a pillow and blankets without having to fit them in your carry-on.

Finally, bring a portable charger! Resist the urge to buy the $5 battery in the checkout line at the grocery store. Invest at least $20-30 into a high quality battery that will last you the entire weekend. This way, you’ll have plenty of juice to take your stellar selfies throughout the weekend without fiending off someone’s car to charge your phone.

Last but not least… don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of Kritter Klips! If you do forget, don’t worry. You’ll have all the more reason to stop by the Kritter Klips booth at the festival. But trust us, we’d love to see you there either way.

-By Ashley Ferraro