Size Chart


Our line of originally designed faux fur jackets differs slightly from our previous ones. Our new jackets come in two styles, Standard and Cropped. Please note the differences in the sleeves as well as the hemline with these being where the most notable alterations lie. Check out the size chart here.






Our ears are handmade with love, so variations may occur. Different fabrics and furs may add more to the general length and shape as well. In addition, all of our ears are either Mini, Regular, Large, or Bear and secured to your standard snap barrette clip in polished or matte black (see the image below the Size Chart that contains Clip Details), measuring 2 to 2.5 inches.

A Tip for You: While barrette clips are typically efficient on their own, should you want to secure your ears even more, you can intertwine bobby pins within them to keep your ears perfectly in place!